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CFTF Vision
Our Vision  
The Classroom of the Future initiative began with the aim of challenging current thinking on school building design, to provide innovative learning environments that are imaginative and stimulating, with the aim of inspiring children to achieve more.

At Interactive Education we have taken this idea and developed our classrooms for the future project, to produce imaginative and forward looking classroom designs that allow for different teaching pedagogies while, at the same time, embedding the use of ICT into the curriculum. Dedicated IT rooms can be a drain on teaching space, tying up vast areas to house computer hardware whilst other activities are accommodated in inappropriate rooms.

IE Smart Top solves these issues by concealing IT equipment within the furniture when not in use, leaving a clear and flexible work surface.  Furthermore, security is enhanced, lids can be lockable and CPU's housed in fully enclosed hi-secure caddies.  When in use, cables are tucked neatly away safe from tripping feet or probing fingers.
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